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Getting Started with DevAssure

DevAssure helps you streamline your development process with AI-powered test case generation. This guide will walk you through on how to onboard and get started with DevAssure signing up, creating an organization, setting up your project, and inviting team members.

Signup for an Account

To use DevAssure App, you have to create an account for the administration of your DevAssure subscriptions.

You can sign up for an account from our official website: DevAssure

  • Enter your email address, username and create a secure password in the sign-up portal.
  • To activate the account, verify your account email.

Create an Organization

Once the account is activated, you need to create an organization for the management of your projects and users.

To create an organization:

  • Enter your organization name and details in the Create new organization.
  • Click Create Organization.
  • You can optionally invite multiple users to your organization by entering your users' email addresses under Add member.
  • On successful creation of an organization, you are redirected to the homepage of your new organization.

Set up a project

A project is created to organize and manage the users of an organization and testdata they have access to. An organization can own one or multiple Projects.

To create a project:

  • Click Create Project from Projects in the organization homepage.
  • Enter the Project name and ID (unique identifier).The ID is permanent and cannot be changed at a later time.
  • Select the automations to be included for the project.
  • Click Create. To provide restricted access, add members to the project. Only these members can view and access the projects.

Invite Users

The Users menu in the organization homepage allows users to be added to the organization and provides information on the available licenses.

To add a user:

  • Click on the Add Members button.
  • Invite multiple users to your organization by entering your users' email addresses under Add member.
  • All Users are listed in the Users page with the respective status, role, and the license information.

To assign a user license:

  • Select the user, click on more actionsIconand select Assign IDE License.
  • The IDE license will be updated as Assigned.

You are now ready to start using DevAssure to accelerate your development process and ensure high-quality code.